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The story of the  area WWII veterans as told by them on camera.  Go to “View Video’s” page, locate the branch of service and click on a name to watch the video.






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Video footage provided by “Up Stream”

PBC - Provided website hosting for our World War II veterans of the Northern Minnesota area.

Certificate handed out to the WWII veterans during the 4th of July parade, 2011.

Sponsored by the “Bemidji area Retired Military Club”.  Trucks donated by Pat & Bob Purcell of Bemidji.

Videos and website Produced by David Quam

Bemidji WW 2 Veterans


What’s new on the video page:  As of   5-10-15

James J Walker

Al  Albib



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Grand Rapids WW 2 Veterans

What’s new on the video page:  As of 5-8-12

Harley Kiger U.S. Army

Warren Kirsch U.S. Army

Herbert Holmberg U.S. Navy

Clair Wilcox U.S. Navy

Bill Ward U.S. Army

Steve Hecomovich U.S. Army

Roy Nelson U.S. Army

Tribal World War 2 Veterans

from Red Lake and Leech Lake on this web page soon.

The Cemetery

A must see page

A World War II Medal of Honor recipient was honored by the Park Rapids

American Legion Post 212 on May 18th, 2012. The ceremony was held at the

Greenwood Cemetery and at the Legion Post.  The full video of the event is now here.

(This video is in HD if you have a Hi-Speed Internet)

Click on the  name.

Lloyd C, Hawks

1Hr & 3min

VIDEO OF THE 2012, 4TH OF  JULY PARADE,  HONORING THE Bemidji Area Korean War Veterans

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John O’Boyle of Bemidji, MN receives the French Knight of the Legion of Honor on July 3, 2013.

Click here for the video of the event.

James J Walker same award in December of 3013

An interview with Gerald M. Boe of Crosslake, MN.  Gerald was the guard of the Number 2 Nazi:

Hermann Goering during the Nuremberg Trials in Germany.

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Website Up Dated:  5-10-15